• Project: Rofes
  • Client: Inferum, Ekaterinburg, Russia
  • Year: 2015
  • Link:

Rofes tests functional condition of the patient and assesses disease risk of organs and body systems. The test procedure is based on the method of electroacupuncture. Rofes gets all the information from the single point on the left wrist. The device is designed in two versions. In a first variant the power and the information are transmitted via usb-cable. The second version is powered by two AA batteries, and the information is transmitted via Bluetooth.

The user connects the device to a computer, tablet or smartphone and start the test. The results are shown in the form of assessments of bodily condition. The test lasts 3 minutes.

Important statements of the technical specification

1. The device must be portable
2. The device can be used to test children and adults. The gauge of the wrist of a 2-year old child is about 20 mm, while the wrist gauge of an adult of 95th percentile is 48 mm. The difference in girth is about 150 mm.
3. Measurement is done by means of electrodes of 15 mm diameter, spaced 28 mm from each other.
4. The point on the wrist where the information is gathered is located in the middle of radiocarpal fold of the left hand.
5. The pressure of the electrodes on the wrist should be stable and approximately the same for each test.

Methods of fastening which we didn’t use

1. Straps as in watches. Inapplicable because of the difference in wrist girth of children and adults.
2. Replaceable straps. It’s inconvenient to change the straps.
3. The device comes with a long strap that can be shortened. Not a flexible one.
4. Elastic cuff. Again it’s uncomfortable because of the difference in wrist girth.
5. Like in clothes pegs, two parts and the spring. The problem is that the point of contact with different wrists (A, B, C) will not be on the vertical axis of the electrode pressure. We still needed a universal solution.


We found such a solution when we placed the axis of rotation of the pressing part on a moving unit. It turned out that 15 mm move is enough to ensure the correct clamp for people older than 2 years. The points of contact A, B, C are on the vertical axis of electrode pressure.

Version with a Bluetooth module can be made in different colors.