• Project: RG-11
  • Client: Radioguide, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  • Year: 2011
The company Radioguide provides AG11 for rent to clients in the fields of guided tours and conferences. AG11 performs several functions: audio guide for single or group excursions in museums and outdoors; equipment for simultaneous interpretation at conferences; automatic geo-referenced sightseeing system, which is installed on pleasure boats and sightseeing buses.

AG11 can be used in several modes:

1. Consecutive tour. The listeners follow the predetermined route and learn the content related to their location. At any time the audio tour can be paused using Play / Pause button.

2. Selective playback of content. Listener dials the number of the object (exhibit, object on the map) on the keyboard and presses the Play / Pause button to start playing.

3. Auto Tour. It is a complete solution for buses and pleasure boats. Audio content is synchronized with geographic location of the tour vehicle via GPS / Glonass.

4. Simultaneous interpretation equipment. The equipment is switched on by the transmitter. The listener only selects the desired language and adjusts the volume.

Membrane control panel contains the number buttons, the Play / Pause button, language selection button and volume control buttons. A lot of tourists are elderly people so we made the numbers on the control panel bigger than usual.

Paramonov Design