• Project: Reflexo
  • Client: Denas MC, Ekaterinburg, Russia
  • Year: 2012
  • I'd like to thank Nikita Demidov for his help in this project
Reflexo is a physiotherapy  electrode in form of a mat designed to affect the reflex zones of foot. The mat is designed in two versions. The first version has a built-in source of electrical impulse and batteries. The second version works as an electrode of the physiotherapy unit. Due to the spherical shape in the center of the mat it can be used comfortably by people with different feet size and instep curve. 

The mat has two isolated conductive areas (in darker plastic). The right and left sides of the mat are of different polarities. In one of the buying options a control board and batteries are installed inside of the spherical form in the middle of the mat.

The conductive plastic is more fragile because of the addition of graphite. By adding the spherical mounting we significantly reduced the height of the peaks and thus ensured that they will withstand the load.

Owing to the protruding peaks the electrostimulation function of the mat is combined with a foot massage.

Denas MC
Denas MC
Denas MC