• Project: Neon
  • Client: Electrointel, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
  • Year: 2010
Neon VD-160 and VD-201 are manual metal arc welding machines. We designed a new casing and a comfortable handle around which the power cord can be wrapped.

The casing and the base are made of sheet metal. The front panel is made of ABS on the injection molding machine using a hot runner injection molding system. The legs are parts of the front and rear panels. In the manufacture of the handle, tumbler and the rear panel cold runners are used. The logo of the brand, "Neon", is inflicted on the case by screen printing. The new casing also got a wide adjustable strap.

Control panel is located in the niche which protects it from being hit. Air inlet grille provides the airflow for cooling and ensures the necessary protection rating of the casing.

We designed a comfortable handle around which the power cord can be wrapped. When the device is assembled the nuts are fit into a special cradle in the base of the handle, so that they do not rotate. Then the handle is attached to the metal casing and is covered with a lid with a company logo.

We made a full-size model. Metallic elements of the casing of the model are made of sheet metal on the manual sheet bender. Plastic parts of the casing are made of polyamide by selective laser sintering.

Dimensions of Neon VD-160: 366×148×287 mm.
Dimensions of Neon VD-201: 400×174×324 mm.

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