• Project: NBP-50
  • Client: Inferum, Ekaterinburg, Russia
  • Year: 2015
  • Link:
NBP-50 is a medical device for the normalization of blood pressure and heart rate. It helps to reduce the number of drugs taken, to improve mood and general health, it also reduces the effect of sudden weather changes on well-being. Embedded electrodes affect biologically active areas on the wrist with a weak electric current. The device has two programs: it helps to lower blood pressure for hypertensive patients or to raise it in case of hypotension.

The procedure is as follows: the patient puts the device on her hand, presses the button which lowers (top) or raises (bottom) blood pressure and then sit quietly for 9 minutes until the sound signal. During the procedure the appropriate (top or bottom) LED is gently pulsing.

Areas of impact are different for hypertension and hypotension – they are the inner and the outer surface of the wrist respectively. It is important not to mix them up. In the interface we use color coding and large images of the correct position of the device on hand to distinguish between the two programs. Colors are meant to be self-evident. We used the familiar colors of the weather forecast, where the areas with high pressure are always red or orange, and low-pressure areas are blue. These associations are clear to everyone and easy to remember. Therefore, if a person has high blood pressure, she should look at the icons in orange, otherwise on the icons in blue.

To ensure a stable  contact of the electrode with a hand, we use elastic cuff with velcro. Previously, velcro had to be sewed to a soft ribbon. It was not nice, not technologically rational and the cuff was not elastic enough. Now you can easily find an elastic cuff with an integrated velcro loops, so the only thing left to do is to sew in a small part with a velcro hooks and the problem of fixation on different hands is solved.

The device is designed in two versions. The basic version I described above. The interface of the extended version consists of an LCD display on which the user sets her current pressure, light switch button, on / off / start button. Depending on the user’s current pressure the device automatically selects the necessary program and procedure time (the display shows countdown).

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