• Project: Physiotherapeutic electrodes
  • Client: Denas MC, Ekaterinburg, Russia
  • Design: Ivan Paramonov, Nikita Demidov
  • Year: 2011

These electrodes are used for physical therapy as an alternative to built-in electrodes of Denas devices. The electrodes can be connected to a physiotherapy equipment via the connecting cable and can be fixed with cuffs on different parts of the body. They are made from hypoallergenic thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and include conductive tracks produced by dual-pressing.

The main task

The main objective of this project was to come up with more easily produced and less labor-intensive option to replace the previous version of electrodes. The previous version was textile with metal buttons, to which wires were manually soldered. So it needed sewing, soldering and a lot of manual labor altogether.


Together with the engineers, we have found a new multi-compound molding technology utilizing conductive rubber, which automates the process of production. Two materials were used in the production of electrodes – conductive rubber and TPE.

Silicon has a dark color to visually smooth out possible molding inaccuracies: sometimes the border between two materials can be uneven.

We have developed three types of electrodes: round, voluminous and elongated.
Dimensions of the electrode 1 120 × 100 × 10 mm.
Dimensions of the electrode 3: 130 × 135 × 10 mm.
Dimensions of the electrode 2: 170 × 80 × 10 mm.

During the procedure, the person can lie down or sit in a comfortable position to provide close contact of the electrodes with the skin.

Denas MC
Denas MC
Denas MC