• Project: Centrium R1
  • Design: Ivan Paramonov, Igor Obrubov
  • Year: 2008
Refrigerated benchtop centrifuge is used for the separation of blood components in laboratories and blood transfusion stations. It was designed for the Best Medical Equipment Design Contest, organized by the Expert Club of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. We have won this contest.

We only had one month to finish this project. During this time we needed to understand what it is, how it works, to speak with some medical lab employees, to draw a few sketches, to choose the best variant and finally to make a presentation and an explanatory note. Because of time restrictions this work is basically a concept, so do not judge it strictly.

The control panel is tilted toward the user. It is located at the front edge of the cover. The membrane control panel. The simple structure of the layout makes instrument control intuitive.

The device is heavy. Its estimated weight is about 70 kg. So we made massive aluminum handles on the sides, covered by the bottom of the case. The dimensions are: width – 560 mm, Depth – 578 mm, Height – 560mm.

Denas MC
Denas MC