• Project: AG-15
  • Client: Radioguide, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
  • Year: 2015
AG-15 is a souvenir in the form of audio guide that one buys in a museum or other landmark place. In a museum you can listen to audio content recorded for you and then take a guide with you to listen again at your spare time, or simply to stick on the fridge next to the rest of your souvenir magnets.

The main objective of the project was to make a flexible solution that can be offered to a variety of different customers: museums, architectural ensembles, architectural monuments, art galleries in different cities and countries. Therefore we chose the following concept: technically it should be a single device (same case, batteries, control board), but the picture and audio content on the microSD card should vary.

Often people travel with their loved one. We added a second audio connector to the device, so that a couple can share the experience. Inside the audio guide there is a small magnet for a souvenir to take its worthy place on a refrigerator.

Paramonov Design
Denas MC
Artec Group